21 Millbrook – Love At First Sight

Never did I ever dream that I’d be a home owner at the age of 25. Well, of course, I’d dreamed – we’re all allowed to imagine the seemingly impossible, right? Okay. I’ll be honest. I’d more than dreamed about it. I had allocated more than a handful of Pinterest boards towards my future home. I Googled the crap out of DIY home improvements. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos and television shows on it, read books about it, and flipped through magazines advertising it while sitting in the doctor’s office…or the car dealership…or the line at the grocery store before check-out. If you haven’t gotten the picture quite yet, let’s just say I had and have an obsession with home renovations. In fact, I had even attempted to go to school to become an electrician – if only I had been more mathematically inclined.

So instead, I stayed far, far away from the numbers, received my bachelors in English and somehow landed a job in real estate. Now I suppose I’m utilizing all of those skills I learned in school by blogging about what I’ve wanted to do all along – fix up a fixer-upper.

Welcome to 21 Millbrook, our new home. The first time I walked into this Riverdale semi, I fell in love with the potential of it. It’s a little more than a little rough around the edges, I’ll admit. Its got holes in the walls, dirt coming through the cement in the basement and wires hanging out of the ceiling. There’s an old lamp shade that’s being used a chandelier in the master bedroom and boarded up flooring in the cellar that I believe could either lead to never-never land or hidden treasure that’s been secreted stashed underground. But it’s got a lot of character. It has red exposed brick extending from the front door to the kitchen and a beautiful backyard oasis with a raised parking pad off of the laneway. Not to mention, it’s a one-minute walk to Riverdale Park which offers one of the most beautiful views of the city.

It’s a great house in an amazing, well sought after neighbourhood, and Aaron and I are nothing short of thrilled to be able to take this renovation adventure – together. Being able to live a reality that seemed so far out of reach, and being able to share it with someone who means everything to you is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Get down and dirty and follow us on our journey of remodeling our first home – from learning how to choose a home that’s perfect for you, to mortgage application tips to selecting a layout that sells. There’s so much to learn along the way and we’re excited to share the process with you, raw and real, and especially the hiccups and mistakes so that you’ll know all of the how-to’s and what-not-to-do’s when you decide to invest in real estate yourself.

“For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.”
Hebrews 3:4


One thought on “21 Millbrook – Love At First Sight

  1. Ras Kas Davis says:

    Stay in love guys and continue trusting in the ALMIGHTY GOD of creation and everything else will fall in place …
    Rastafari love, blessings and guidance everytime.


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