Slow and Steady


It’s been a busy month of finalizing the major details of 21 Millbrook. Our electrical drawings have now been made a reality (who knew the electrician would use our drawings and that us beginners knew so much yet so little about electrical rough-ins all at the same time.) HVAC has been completed and plumbing has been roughed in, all which have passed city inspection. Our basement has been parged both internally and externally to prevent any potential water issues. The small but stubborn roof leak in the master bedroom caused by a single nail hole has now been fixed. Our lead water pipes have now been replaced with copper. Sound-proofing has gone in, insulation has been covered, and drywall is now up! It is slowly but surely looking more like a home each day! Over the next few weeks, there will be even more improvement. Drywall will be taped, tile and flooring will be laid, light fixtures will be put in, our custom kitchen and appliances will be installed and the home will begin to come together – all at once! And so, while we could, we  wrote prayers on the basement floor before the laminate is placed down, dedicating the home to God and asking for His blessings and protection for all who enter within.

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It’s been a slow process, one that has tried our patience many times. I’ve shed tears of frustration, rolled my eyes in annoyance and balled my fists in anger. With many unexpected delays, I’ve tried to control the outcome of the renovation with little success. Some days I’ve wanted to throw in the towel (quite literally…I wish we were at the stage where our appliances were installed!) A project that I thought would be a fun-filled learning experience turn unmanagably overwhelming – I just wanted it to be done and over with. When nothing seemed to be going as planned, I tried to control each and every move to ensure that things got done. Or not…no matter how much I tried to orchestrate change and progress, nothing I did seemed to be working. That is, until I cried out to God and he seemed to turn it all around in a matter of a day.

I’m not sure if I’ve learned the lesson of patience that God’s intended me to learn quite yet, but I’m learning first hand that without Him, nothing is possible. In my own strength, I’m learning I can’t bear the burdens or stresses. I can’t make other people work faster, and I can’t seemingly know everything about something I know nothing about. What I can do is rely on God, His timing and His purpose, and know that He’s got everything covered, even when I don’t understand. Sometimes I find myself making God too small to solve my problems, and placing myself on a pedestal. Maybe He’s using these hiccups in the road to knock me down a notch or two, and prove to me once more that I must depend on Him in all I do.

The completion of the home is fast approaching and there is still much to be done. My prayer is that, despite my past mistakes and my current flaws, I can be a living testament of His name, in my actions and behaviours, and in my attitude and character. I’m not perfect, not by any means. But I pray I can be and will continue to be a witness and blessing to others, somehow. May He continue to build me, hone me, mould me and change me until I’m perfected in Him.


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